Make Up Vomit.

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Nothing on the lips
Maybelline FitMe Powder in 320
Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Stila black Liquid Liner
Smashbox “Photo Op” mini palette which Sephora no longer carries. Featuring the colors Fizz, Minx, and Obsidian.
Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Stick Concealer in Medium

"The Girl On Fire" inspired. 

Illamasquas “Presicion Ink” in Scribe. This white liner is perfect for a basic everyday look. It glides on easy and last all day. It even gave me a bit of a fight to take off. This product is a unique way to add just a touch of “something different” to a simple look. 
Get it at your local Sephora :]In this picture I’m also wearing a cream colored base and a peach color on the crease from Coastal Scents’ 88 Original Eye Shadow Palette, Urban Decay’s Big Fatty Mascara, Sephora brand Black01 Waterproof Liner, Anastasias BrowWiz in Caramel, and CoverFx concealer in Medium. 

Make up & Stereotypes

I wanted to take a moment to talk about make up and certain things that we, as a society, have begun to associate with it. A lot of people link make up with insecurity. They think “Oh, she wears make up, she must not like what she looks like underneath it.” Or they associate make up with being “fake” (whatever that means). So, some people will think “Oh my god. She’s not really pretty, it’s just the make up. Make up is like wearing a mask, therefore she has no real physical beauty.” This may be the case for some people, sure. But it’s not always the case. Those provided examples may be exaggerated, but I think you understand the point I’m trying to make. Nowadays a girl can’t wear make up simply because she likes to wear make up. Or a girl is expected not to wear make up because everyone says she doesn’t need it, or she’s too pretty for it. Whatever the case may be, I wear make up because I LOVE make up. It’s my talent, an art form. People who like to draw, draw. People who like to paint, paint. People who like to dance, dance. And goddammit if I like makeup, I’m going to wear make up. I believe in natural beauty, but I also believe in accentuating natural beauty through make up. Does it mean that I hate the way I look? No. Does i mean that I’m “not real”? No. Does it man that I’m trying to be something that I’m not? No. No no no and NO. I just enjoy make up as an art and I’ve grown to appreciate even the most minimal amount of make up on someone, to no make up at all. It’s given me a different outlook on physical beauty as a whole. 

Just a little taste of what I was planning on doing Friday. It’s supposed to resemble a peacock. 
Victoria’s Secret brilliant shimmer loose powdered shadow [Stardust] is just as amazing as it sounds and it comes with a great quantity for a decent price. You can dab this over any plain shadow to add a little [or a lot] of shimmer to your look or you can wear it just the way it is [my personal preference]. It maintains a wet, shimmery look that’s enough to wear on it’s own and stand out. I usually throw a cat eye right on top of it so when people look at me, they’re automatically drawn to the dark cat eye and the wet shimmer that accompanies it. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything that even comes close to this product. The shimmer is so distinctly different from any other shimmer shadow, you just have to try it out to fully understand. Where? VS <3Rating? 5/5Price? $12 dollars for .10oz.!